5 Easy Ways to Market Your App

5 Easy Ways to Market Your App

It’s no secret that marketing your app can require intense media campaigns. You need to learn much more than running simple social media advertisements and serving as a guest blogger. If you have an app you’re trying to push, consider using these practical and effective techniques:

1.     Use QR Codes

QR codes are a fantastic tool to target smartphone users. You can add them to your business card, emails, website, and receipts to drive installations of your app. It comes as a handy tool to attract potential consumers.

2.     Offer a Referral Bonus

Offer your current app users a referral bonus – they promote your app to their friends and families and get a premium or discount. A great example of this implementation is Dropbox, which had a staggering growth rate of 3,900% by doing so. Dropbox went from 100k registered app users in 2008 to 4 million users within 15 months.

3.     Optimize Your App Store Experience

App Store Optimization (ASO) relates to optimizing your App Store page, which features your app. Optimizing your App Store page should increase your conversion rate. More than 65% of apps are installed through App Store search. When your ranks are high due to keyword optimization, it’ll see a higher conversion rate. Increased visibility results in more app installs. Then, the App Store editors notice you and, if you’re lucky, your app gets featured.  

4.     Enable Push Notifications

According to research, enabling push notifications will improve user retention by up to 180%. In addition, users who opt to receive push notifications show 88% more engagement with apps than those who don’t. A higher retention rate ultimately leads to a better ranking—set reminders about special content access, mobile-specific rewards, special promotions, discounts, and other promotions.

5.     Strategize Goals for Tracking

Merely applying marketing techniques isn’t enough. If you don’t monitor your progress, you’ll be unable to understand the progress you’ve made. Keep an eye on critical metrics and let them help guide your future marketing strategy. Focus on your app’s engagement rate, acquisition rate, conversion rate, and retention rate to understand how things are going truly. You can look at other metrics like your app’s daily active users (DAUs), churn rate, cost per acquisition, session interval and length, and time in-app, for example. Target these high-value tactics so you can see a visible boost in sales.

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